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British Airways

Well, we're back. It was so wonderful. Thank you Jonathan for your generosity and kindness. It was the trip of a lifetime. Only now we want another one!

So here we go, I have links in the left toolbar to as many of the places mentioned as possible:

Hotel des Grandes Hommes Hotel des Grandes Hommes. Incredible place. Really, really gorgeous.

We arrived to find a basket of fruit and the fabulous bouquet of flowers from Jonathan. On the 6th, our 30th anniversary, Jonathan arranged for a bottle of champagne too.

Click here or on the photo to see more about the hotel and our stay there.

BatobusGetting around Paris is easy using the various forms of public transport.

Click here or on the photo to see more about getting around Paris.

Couple from CorkWe met all kinds of lovely people on the trip. Click on the photo or click here to read more.

Restaurants:Carolyn at La Gueuse
Dining out in Paris is an essential part of the holiday experience. To read our thoughts about the restaurants and cafes we visited please click on thhe photo to the right or click here.


Shopping:cheese and wine
Oh shopping in Paris. Yes there are clothes and trinkets. But it's the food that just is so exquisite. Click on the photo or click here for more information.

London Trip London Our trip to London was brief but really brilliant. Jonathan's new home is terrific. We met up with family. All too soon we had to leave to come home but we will be back over as soon as possible.

Lia the Black Cat