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Shopping in Paris

Bit of a big subject. I won't even attempt to recommend anything high end when it comes to fashion and gifts etc. If you have that kind of money you already know where all those stores are. Find the Champs Elysees and turn left or right as often as you like, dozens and dozens of designer stores where I am sure even the air is expensive. I grant you it is true that designer clothes come with more flattering dress size lables and sometimes (though not always) better fabric/cut and embellishments but sometimes it's just money for old rope. Albeit probably gold velvet and tassled rope. Funny that reminds me of a woman I knew many years ago in Bramley in Surrey. Hotel owner's wife. She used to wear her 'designer' clothes with the lables sticking out. Once or twice is a mistake, every day is deliberate. Presumably so that everyone would know that they were designer. Ah how funny, the way memories pop back.

We did go to Galeries Lafayette and got Alan a couple of shirts. Also, it was delightful to find out where 'Daffyd, the only gay in the village' actually shops for his outfits in the underwear section. What was even more interesting was watching the people considering and buying the outfits. There has to have been a lot of talcum powder involved.

Back in the day when we were young and on honeymoon the Printemps Depeartment Store was a reasonably priced emporium. I guess times have changed. Like Galeries Lafayette it was simply a collection of expensive designer name boutiques. some gorgeous stuff in both stores but if I had that kind of money I think I would be more inclined to shop at Libery's in London.

boulangerieSo, what shops am I going to talk about? The ones around the hotel. If we lived there we could live happily on the fare from these places quite happily. Food shopping. A lovely boulangerie with the most exquisite baked goods. They also have salads etc. The shop smells delicious! Leave the Hotel des Grandes Hommes, head down to the corner and turn left.... there it is.
charcuterieNearby is the Charcuterie de Pantheon. So much choice, so wonderfully displayed, such charming people to assist you in choosing. The lady here helped us to select the dishes for our picnic. Everything is fresh, just bursting with flavour.
cheese and wineNext I want to mention the cheese shop. We resisted the terrible urge to do the entire Monty Python sketch - well I resisted - Alan kept it up until we actually entered the store. This is a truly wonderful little gem of a shop and the lady is so helpful. She completely understood what we were looking for and honestly, the 'taste' of the cheese she gave us was incredible. She knew we were just visiting and only needed enough for a picnic. Right next door is a really terrific wine store. The people we saw there will steer you towards great wines that suit your taste and never, at any time in our experience, attempt to push simply the most expensive wines.

OH. come the lottery win... even though we love our dome here in Ontario we would definitely live part of the year in that little area.

Lia the Black Cat