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Carolyn's Canadian Immigration Information
Chapter Seven - The albatross has landed.....

Around noonish we approached the border. We were a bit confused about where we should go. First we wandered into the American side of things. I thought they might like to know that we were taking a truck across the border. As we stood in line and listened we heard one US Customs man address another about some other hapless traveler...

'Just sting him for the whole lot and let him fight it later....' I have no idea what they were 'stinging' him for but this did not instil great confidence in us that things would go smoothly. I attempted a warm and ingratiating smile and asked if we had to report or anything like that as we were immigrating into Canada. Apparently we did not and with a curt nod of his head the man told us we needed to 'Go see them on the other side.' So we did.

We pulled the groaning truck up to the window and handed over our landing papers. The man in the booth gave us a little ticket and told us to go into the office. We drove the truck around onto Canadian soil and went in. First we approached Customs. I have to admit that the first chap did not look exactly thrilled to see me standing there clutching my 'List' and Landing papers. He told us we had to go in the office at the back and see the Immigration people. We were than handed over to a really charming man who was, it appears, the senior officer there. He checked our papers, constantly interrupted by his co-workers who came through just to check that 'The Boss was not screwing things up.' He asked us to sign and verify that we had not broken any laws. He didn't ask us about proof of money or anything though I had that information available. Then he stamped our passports and clipped our documents inside. He found a few bits and pieces of literature about Social Insurance numbers and advised us to go and see his friend at the Tourist Information Booth just up the road. Then he welcomed us officially to Canada and we went back to Customs. The lady there was pleased to see that we had the detailed list - though I had forgotten to total it so we were delayed for a few extra minutes. She added everything up, stamped our form, noted the few things to come later with Matt, smiled and welcomed us to Canada and to Manitoba.
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