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Long ago and far away.

AlanMarried to the love of my life, Alan. Yes that's us on the left there. Long time ago and far away. Yet I remember it like yesterday. Here he is on the right about 20 years later. It has now been 39 years since we married and he is still gorgeous. Well he is to me.

We have three lovely sons, two beautiful daughters-in-law, and seven gorgeous grandchildren.

Who am I?
I was born in the UK and grew up in a number of countries in Europe and the West Indies. My dad was an executive with PanAm. Dad has retired to Barbados. Drop me a line if you knew Harry and would like his e-mail address. Because of dad's job I had the opportunity to travel extensively. But now we have settled in this little piece of heaven.

I attended the Marist in Sunninghill. I am still in touch with my class mates even after all these years. The convent no longer takes boarders apparently. That's a shame. It was a lovely place.

Apart from that? Well, my brother and sisters are all doing great. Little brother hits the headlines from time to time. It's a bit weird to read about your baby brother in the news. Always knew he would go far though. 'Course some people are in favour of chucking him a bit further, probably over a cliff. They don't know him.