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Alan the Soup Dragon


Allow me to introduce myself. I am Alan Poulter also known as Soup Dragon on the net - hence the image you see on the left.

SweetheartMarried to the love of my life. My 'Little Piranha Fish', my 'Little Nest of Vipers', 'She Who Must be Obeyed'. Usually though I just call her 'Sweetheart'.

Why Soup Dragon?
As a family we've played a lot of computer games.  One series stood out, the Ultima series.  Since 1993 I have been a member of a worldwide online club called UDIC (Ultima Dragons Online Chapter).  I am a chef (though I no longer work in the business) and Soup Dragon seemed an appropriate name.  It is also a reference to a kids tv show that used to be on back in the UK called The Clangers.  One of the characters was a Soup Dragon.

I am agnostic veering vaguely towards older traditional beliefs, pagan for the want of a better word. I like to fish, I am not too great at catching, but I like to fish. I like music, reading, some tv, and life in general. I have traveled quite a bit around Europe and the Middle East, North America and also in the Caribbean.

My 3 Sons