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Hi James and Gina,

Today I have something for you. This happened an hour ago. Please note, the time on the photos is an hour out because we forgot to change the clock when the time changed. I had been trying to convince Alan that the things we heard outside were racoons and last night I was proved right because right there, on the small deck with the barbecue was a racoon. Today we still working on the new guest bedroom - picture soon - which will be where you stay when you come and visit, Uncle Alan went to pour a cup of tea and yelled 'Bear!!'. We scrambled around to get the camera. There is one big picture and then there are little images below which will open to see the bigger version in a new window. While Alan was getting the second card and I was up on the kitchen counter looking out the kitchen window when the bear looked up and looked me straight in the eye and stood up on his/her hind legs for a closer look at me. I jumped off the kitchen counter. And believe me James and Gina, Auntie Carolyn does not 'jump' around much these days without a really good reason.


Click on the image to open the big photo.

- - -
Oh and when you come to visit? It's your job to hang the washing out. No worries.


Auntie Carolyn

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