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Hi James and Gina,

This week I thought you might like to see a bit more of where I live and when your Mum brings you for a visit you will know more about where you are headed.

The entrance by the 'front' door which is actually kind of at the back of the house.


The fishtank and view of part of the entrance.


View of the living room.

Livingroom area 1

View from the Dining room area to the kitchen. You can kind of see the wood stove that we use to heat the house.

Dining Area and Kitchen

View of the kitchen and dining area and some bloke who happened to be standing there.

Kitchen and Dining area

Part of the living area.

Part of living room

Another view.

anothe view

The living rooom from yet another angle, kind of from the kitchen.

Living Room again

And now some photos of the lady who really rules the roost.


Auntie Carolyn

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Lia the Black Cat