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Hi James and Gina,

Happy New Year!

Here is Uncle Alan clearing the driveway. Susie Dog is helping. She seems to be doing quite well. She has always loved the snow and it has perked her up in spite of the blindness in one eye. At this time of year we can see the road and people down there can see the house. For most of the time we are nicely hidden away.

Uncle Alan and Susie Dog

Recently we noticed that the bird box had a lot of dry leaves in it. At first we thought they had been blown in by the wind but then we realised a squirrel was picking them up off the ground, running up the log pile, jumping on to the top of the fence by the logs, leaping over to the box and was using them to carefully hide the seed we put in there. The photo is a bit blurred but you can make out the squirrel at the bottom left hand of the box.

Here he/she is back down on the ground under the birdbox getting more leaves.

Back up to the box to keep hiding that seed!


Auntie Carolyn

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Lia the Black Cat